A question from a customer re: our new Freya TL-E Deluxe Star Series

We get lots of questions from customers about our guitars, and lots ask “how does it compare to…..”.

We received this question from a customer on Adverts.ie : 

“How would this compare to a Squier standard…..?
Looks a beauty….very Rick Parfitty”.


Robert’s answer, in it’s entirety:

Loaded question there, LOL! Here goes…..
I get to spec these, the woods, pickups, everything about them (sounds like a dream job, eh?)            It is…. :-).

Mostly hard work though, but shure, we don’t mind….

Anyway, I’ve got an old 1969 Tele, and I just love the feel of it, weight, neck profile, and the sound of course. When I spec’ed these, I went for the same “feel” on the neck, more or less the same weight (not very heavy), and the maple fretboard for the “sparkle”. The pickups I chose give a vintage Tele sound, that bright “airy” rhythm sound and also the Tele “bite” from the bridge pickup. The bridge is a six-saddle unit for individual string adjustment, and of course it’s string-thru, as every Tele should be.
Compared to a Squier Standard? Well, I think it’s better. I gig constantly with Freya guitars and have lots of compliments on the sound and I delight in telling people how such a good-sounding guitar is on sale for such a good price.
We can sell our guitars for the price we do because we own the company and the brand name and import our guitars directly from the factory. That means no European importer, no UK distributor, and because we sell direct to our customers, no retail markup on the High St.
On top of that, every guitar we sell will have a complete pro setup before we send it out and a fresh set of Ernie Ball strings installed (you can choose the gauge, we have most of them in stock). For the original buyer, we also offer a lifetime free setup service, all you have to do is bring (or send) your guitar in to us and all you have to pay for is the new set of strings………



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