Electric & Bass Guitars

Electric Guitars Freya offer a wide selection of Electric Guitars. Our Guitars are available in different colours, specifications and feature Ernie Ball strings. Read more >

Acoustic & Semi-Acoustic

Electric Acoustic Guitars Freya Electro Acoustic Guitars offer best value, features and performance with Martin Strings as standard.Read more >

Strings & Accessories

 Guitar Strings Guitar Man & Ernie Ball accessories e.g. straps, tuners, guitars parts, cables & plectrums. Freya Guitars stock many types of electric & acoustic guitar strings as well as banjo and mandolin from Ernie Ball & Martin. Read more >

Guitar Services

 Guitar Strings Is your guitar “gently weeping”? Tired of your guitar being out of tune and hard to play? We offer expert setups, repairs, advice and valuations. Fast turnaround times, reasonable prices. Read more >