T&C’s & FAQ’s

T&C’s & FAQ’s 

If you don’t find the answer to your question here, just call us on +353669763964 or email us at support@freyaguitars.ie (you can also come visit us here in Kerry!).


How do I pay for my guitars or accessories?

We accept payment using your credit/debit card directly through our website (Stripe) and by Paypal (you can instantly use your credit card with Paypal – it is a safe and secure method of payment), Bank Transfer, by post, personal cheque (please note that items cannot be shipped until cheques clear, so please be patient if you choose this form of payment), or good old cash.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, Freya is based in Ireland and we ship worldwide. For bulky items we use Fastway Courier here in Ireland. For the UK we ship by Fastway Courier, and your item will be delivered by a local courier that is operating in your location. For the rest of the world we ship by An Post, Ireland’s postal service.

The same Shipping/Postage costs that are shown for the Republic of Ireland apply also to Northern Ireland. Shipping to Mainland UK costs more, this is shown on each listing.

Please contact us for cost of postage if you are not sure, you will not be overcharged.

We do not add anything to our shipping costs, what you pay is our cost.

Smaller items are sent either by Letter, Packet or Parcel Post.


Shipping Damage/Lost Items

Please check your shipment as soon as you receive it and if you notice any damage please inform us within 24 hours. Couriers and other carriers will only accept claims within this 24-hour period, and we cannot accept responsibility for any damage nor can we make a claim for damages with the carrier unless we are notified within this period. Please understand that this is a policy by all carriers, so again, please check your shipment as soon as you receive it. If you have any questions please email us or phone.

If you believe your item is taking longer than normal to be delivered please let us know and we will initiate a trace. We can usually provide you with an update within a couple of hours at the most.


Will Freya Guitars accept trades-ins?

Yes! We may take trades. If you need to discuss a possible trade-in, please call, email or bring your trade into us. In all cases any item you wish to trade in is subject to inspection before we accept it.


What is Freya Guitar’s return policy?

If you buy a product and have it shipped to you, you can return it within 7 days for a full refund/return/exchange, no questions asked. Item must be unused and in new condition and be complete with all packaging.

Return shipping is at your cost, please ensure that you have packaged it properly and have it insured as we cannot be held responsible for shipping damage.


Does Freya Guitars have a repair shop?

Yes, we have a full service repair shop. We do most repairs and servicing here in our workshop. Turnaround time is usually very fast – depending on repairs needed.


What warranties does Freya Guitars offer on their products?

All our new instruments come with a one-year warranty. For any used instruments we have a 30-day guarantee unless marked “as is” or “trade”. We also offer a 90 day warranty on all work done on guitars in our repair shop. All warranty work has to be done here at our workshop – we cannot take responsibility for any work, adjustments or repairs done by others. Signs of attempted adjustments or repairs may invalidate your warranty. On occasion we will approve warranty work done by a local shop – please contact us for details of this.


Do Freya Guitars take deposits or layaways?

Yes, we do have a deposit/layaway option. We do require a deposit of 20% of the item’s selling price. We will then hold that item for you for a period of 90 days. The 14-day approval period will not apply to any item on a deposit/layaway purchase. In the event of a “failed deposit/layaway”, any and all deposits paid are non-refundable but may be transferable for the purchase of another item (eg. you decide you want a different colour or style of guitar. This will be decided on our discretion). Please inquire if you have specific questions about this policy.


Do Freya Guitars carry drum sets, keyboards, or other non-stringed instruments?

We specialise in guitars and guitar-related products.  On occasion we have used keyboards, drum kits, PA equipment and other miscellaneous gear. Always worth a phone call or an email as this stock changes on a regular basis.


What do you recommend I clean my FREYA with? 

Do not use any wax based products on your guitar, especially on the top of an acoustic! This will cause unwanted wax build-up over time which will impede the top from vibrating. Instead, use a small amount of soap based guitar polish (we like Dunlop products) sprayed on a cloth (never directly on the guitar), and then gently wipe it off. For the fingerboard we suggest sparingly applying Lemon Oil to a cloth and then working it into your fingerboard. Let the oil soak in for a few minutes and then wipe off the excess. This should be done once a year on rosewood or ebony fingerboards only. Doing so not only cleans, but also conditions your fingerboard against cracking and keeps it from losing its lustre.


Can I use a string gauge other than the strings you ship the guitars with?              

Yes. You can go up or down one gauge, usually without needing to readjust your truss rod.

However, if you use a much heavier or lighter gauge, or tune your guitar to a different tuning, this will put different amounts of tension on the neck so an adjustment may be needed. When changing string gauge allow some time for the guitar to settle and then if needed have the truss rod adjusted by a qualified technician.

If you want to make changes to a guitar equipped with a floating tremolo we suggest you bring your guitar in to Freya Guitars or have a qualified technician or repair shop and have them do this for you. We do not recommend you adjust this tremolo system yourself. Unless you are very familiar with these tremolos you will most likely have to take it in anyway and pay them to put it right. Do not attempt to start your guitar-tech career on one of these guitars. Any damage caused by an unqualified person will not be covered by warranty.


Should I loosen the strings on my FREYA if I’m going to take it with me on vacation?        

Yes. It is a good idea to loosen the strings just enough to reduce tension on the neck. This will avoid extra stress which can cause damage to the headstock if the guitar case is dropped. We do not suggest anything other than a good-quality hard case for transport on an aircraft, and even then you have no guarantee that your guitar is safe. Gigbags are handy for light personal local use, but for anything else you need a good-quality hard case.


Can I use steel strings on my nylon string guitar?

No. Never. Ever. Putting Steel strings on a nylon-string guitar will add extra stress to the guitar top and may cause the bridge to lift. These guitars are braced differently. Steel-string guitars are designed to handle this extra stress, nylon-string guitars are not. It’s that simple.


When should the truss rod be adjusted?

Your truss rod should be adjusted when your neck develops a bit of a bow in it. The reason for the bow is a combination of the string tension that is constantly applied to the neck along with changes in relative humidity. Humidity is the most important part of this equation. Wood reacts to changes in relative humidity when it absorbs or loses moisture. Absorbing moisture causes the neck to expand which results in a back-bow, in this case loosening the truss rod slightly will allow the neck to return to its original form. When a neck dries out it will under bow, which can be treated by slightly tightening the truss rod.

WARNING: Over adjusting your truss rod can cause irreparable damage to your guitar and therefore truss rod adjustments should only be handled by a qualified guitar technician.


Final question!

Will I love my Freya Guitar?

We (Robert and Anne) have no doubt whatsoever that you will fall in love with your Freya Guitar the second you lay eyes on it. Look after it and it will serve you well.

Thank you all.

Robert & Anne

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