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Tired of buying guitars with poor action, intonation or strings dead on arrival?

Freya Guitars have the solution!

  • Each Freya Guitar gets a full set-up, new quality strings, fret polish, action and intonation adjustment.
  • Set up to your specs or industry standard.
  • Adjustments always free to original purchaser

Freya Guitars was established by Robert & Anne in order to provide quality guitars at a price everyone can afford, whilst at the same time capable of being used by professionals. Robert and Anne have over 50 years experience in the music industry between them. Robert  is a well-known guitar repairman, and when designing Freya Guitars made sure they were fitted with quality components designed to give you – the musician or student – an instrument that is the best value in terms of cost and quality.

At gigs, Robert now plays Freya guitars exclusively. Prior to this, he played instruments from a very well-known brand based in California. With our Freya guitars we set out to provide instruments that are made of quality materials, not cheap imitations. Our guitars are properly made and beautifully finished, and we have received high praise for them. We provide top-class Customer Service (email and/or phone), fast dispatch and quality instruments. We have a family of repeat customers who have spread the Freya name far & wide (from Andorra to Zimbabwe) who stay in touch with us through our site at www.freyaguitars.ie, Facebook, telephone and email, this list is growing all the time.
Thank you for your custom,
Robert & Anne

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