Another happy Freya Guitars customer…..

The following email was received by us this morning:

“Hi Rob,
I picked up the guitar last Friday and haven’t put it down yet!!! Love it thanks.

Another happy and satisfied Freya customer. Our Freya guitars REALLY are a far better value than anything you will find in a “regular” music shop. We own the Freya company and distribute directly to our customers, meaning no middleman, no distributors and no retail mark-up to add layers of cost to our guitars.

Add personal, quick, and pleasant service, great quality, very reasonable prices, quick delivery, a custom setup on YOUR guitar, fresh strings in a gauge of YOUR choice, and a FREE LIFETIME setup service should your guitar need it*, something no other shop offers, so really, why shop anywhere else?


*(some conditions apply here, just email and ask, but we don’t split hairs and go out of our way to make our customers happy)


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