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Questions we are often asked…….

 “How can you sell your guitars at such reasonable prices?”

Economy of scale is part of it, but the main reason is that Anne & myself  own Freya Guitars entirely, meaning no shareholders, banks etc., will add to the cost.

Our overheads are low and both of us have control over all aspects of the business.  However, perhaps the biggest reason is that normally we only sell direct to our customers. This alone means that you will save 30-40% on our guitars, and you will get a guitar that has had a fresh setup and new strings. With a Freya guitar, YOUR guitar is YOURS, FROM NEW, from the moment you receive it, and the only other hands that will have touched it are ours during setup and packaging.

“Where are your Freya guitars made?”

Our guitars are made to our own exacting  specifications by our trusted long-term manufacturing partner in China.

Now, there may be lingering thoughts about the quality of Chinese guitars, but you can forget the Chinese guitars of the 1970’s, 1980’s and early 1990’s – today’s Chinese guitars are excellent quality and  offer unsurpassed value.

Chinese guitars have “arrived”. Our Freya guitars have been made in China from the start. In 2008 we travelled to China to source a manufacturer with the expertise and quality we demanded.

I have been told I have the best job in the world – I get to spec every Freya guitar in terms of the wood, electronics and hardware. I agree, lol!

When ordering guitars, I liaise with the factory that makes them (one of the best, known for its consistent quality), and specify the woods to be used, and the quality of hardware and electronics. On our Freya electric guitars and Freya basses, the woods used are a mixture of Mahogany, Maple, Rosewood & Basswood, depending on the model.   On our Freya acoustic guitars we specify Spruce, Mahogany & Rosewood, all quality woods that produce that great acoustic sound.

Check the videos on our website and on our Youtube channel – – for demos and to hear sound clips on all our Freya guitars.

Upon delivery to us here in Kerry, every Freya guitar is again checked for quality and then stored in a temperature & humidity-controlled environment. When you order one of our Freya guitars online it will be taken from stock, checked carefully and will get a full pro setup which includes setting the nut height, action, intonation and carefully checking for things like sharp fret ends and any other little nuances we might notice. We also fit a fresh set of strings (you can specify the gauge), leave it settle overnight, give it a final check and playing test, and only then will we send it out to you, packed carefully, ensuring that you have a guitar that plays and feels right as soon as you open the box. The same goes for a guitar bought from our retail shop near Killarney in Co. Kerry (Eircode V93 V2A2), as anyone who has bought directly from us here can testify.

Check our 5-Star Google reviews here:

“What pickups are in your Freya guitars?”

Why, Freya pickups of course. We go to a lot of trouble to match our pickups with our guitars, meaning that our Strat-style ST guitars sound like a Strat guitar is supposed to sound, same with our TLE Tele-style guitars, LP-1 Les Paul-style guitar and others. I get to design & spec the pickups too, LOL!

“What else do you sell?”

We sell guitar accessories, microphones, amplifiers, banjos, ukuleles, stands, guitar strings bass strings banjo strings    , effects pedals, straps, and much more, all can be found on our site:

Remember – we sell direct to our customers only – this means that you will save 30-40% on our guitars, and you will get a guitar that has a fresh setup and new strings every time, from a qualified professional (Anne calls me “Robert the PRO)!

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog, any questions please call 0876805214…… I love to talk guitars!




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