Feedback from another happy Freya Guitars customer…..

We received this email from a very happy Freya customer during the past week…….comparing our Freya ST-1 Strat-style guitar with some fairly stiff competition.
Alan is not the first person to make favourable comparisons……there is nothing like a Freya, try one and see what everyone’s talking about, you won’t be disappointed.
We’re working on the LH Freya J-EM for him, might be able to get one…..

Hi there, bought an Olympic strat of You earlier this year and have 2 say its a brilliant guitar. I seem to pull the greatest bends out of it which I cant seem to do with my other guitars. This is my favourite guitar by far. love it 2 bits. I have a USA strat, an Ibanez prestige1570 a Yamaha Pacifica, even a Bryan May red Special and none of them have as good a feel as the Freya. Spent big money on some of these guitars. WHY?///// . Anyway. I am left handed and would love a J-em.
Alan R.

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