Freya Acoustic Guitar Google Review – Five Star

What a wonderful review from our customer JO’C on google business reviews.

“Excellent guitars along with honest, meaningful advice. I just bought a second guitar from Robert & Anne and once again its been a first class experience. The first guitar I bought was a 2020 Xmas present to myself and I called Robert to discuss and talk through prior to buying. The guitar I bought was the DT100 electro-acoustic and its just incredible value for money. In terms of tone and finish its amazing and it looks, feels and plays like a far more expensive instrument than it is. Its a superb all-round acoustic (and can be plugged in too) guitar. Following that, and because I had such a good experience first time round I was upgrading my sons 3/4 size guitar to a full size guitar and last week bought the new Jumbo/minstrel which arrived after a day or two. Robert had fully set it up with a lovely low action on thin strings (10’s) perfect for a youngster, ready to go once we unpacked it. He had been eyeing up my DT100 but the body is slightly too big for him. We’ve both played the new guitar plenty of times since and its an incredibly playable, “friendly” guitar that looks and sounds great too. The size is ideal for an adult or a teenager and both guitars play really really well and we are delighted with both. Based on two very positive experiences from a product and customer service perspective I’d highly recommend Freya Guitars.”

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