Freya Guitars’ opening hours policy & the COVID-19 virus

We’ve received many queries asking about our opening hours and policies in response to the Corona virus outbreak.

Here at Freya Guitars we are committed to providing the best in Customer Care, and we will remain open throughout this epidemic. As everyone doubtless knows, we have a strong online and mail-order presence, and will continue to ship & post items every day as usual. If you need items and don’t want to go to the shops or other crowded places then online shopping is ideal.

We don’t add anything for profit to our costs for shipping, and keep shipping & postage costs to a minimum, also, if you buy any mix of items and your total comes to over €100 then shipping is FREE within the 32 counties of Ireland.

If you’d like to drop by then by all means do so, we do everything we can to have the most sanitary environment possible.

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