Guitar Starter Packs – Freya Guitars answers all your questions

Why a Freya Guitar Starter Pack?

Shur, let us tell you why…..

Are you unsure of what you need to get started playing guitar?

This is where a Guitar Starter Pack comes in.

Buying a beginners guitar package will include all the items needed to begin playing guitar. It’s an easy gateway to your musical journey, and will save you not only effort but also money.

So, what’s in the guitar pack?

A guitar; Good quality is essential here – you will hold your guitar in your hands every time you play, it will become your best friend, an extension of your talent and your interface with music. You will need to be comfortable holding it and it should give you joy and happiness not only when you pick it up, but also every time you lay your eyes on it.

A guitar amp; Supplied with Freya Guitars’ electric guitar packages, your amplifier will be loud enough for you hear the sound of your guitar in your home without disturbing the neighbours! Quality is very important here too – a poorly-made amplifier will not have a good sound.

A guitar cable; usual length will be 10ft/3m. This is used to connect the guitar to the amp.

 A clip-on headstock chromatic tuner; The tuner will most likely live on your guitar’s headstock and be seldom moved – these make sure that keeping your guitar in tune is a simple task (all our Freya semi-acoustic guitars have built-in tuners).

A guitar strap; Used when playing your guitar whilst standing. These are adjustable for length, so you can find your own comfort zone.

Guitar picks; Used for strumming the guitar. Also known as a plectrum, these come in different gauges (thicknesses), A guitar pick can have a major influence on your playing. Be sure to try the different pick gauges in your pack so you can experience how they feel and know which one suits your playing style best.

Gig bag; Handy for carrying your guitar around, it usually has a pocket for music books and accessories, it will have a handle and straps so it can also be carried on your back.


What makes a Freya Guitar pack special?

A Freya Guitars starter pack will feature a good-quality guitar from our regular stock and EVERY Freya guitar receives a professional setup before it leaves us.

What is a guitar setup? The guitar is a stringed instrument. In our setup we adjust the string height (action) for easier playability (there are a few other adjustments made, but this is the one you will notice and benefit from the most). When you receive your guitar, a quick tuning check will ensure your guitar is ready to play.

The amplifiers in our guitar starter packs are good-quality – we choose amps with the features you’ll need – and these come from our regular stock. The amps we supply feature headphone jacks and “line-in” sockets so you can plug in your music source and play along with your favourite piece of music, and can also run on batteries if required.

We can offer these guitar starter packs at a decent savings over the cost of buying all the bits separately – and offer a full warranty with full local product support via phone or email should you need it.

Some beginners guitar packs from other manufacturers have one main goal in mind when putting guitar starter packs together – affordability. However, the lower-cost packs on the market may mean that you have low-cost and low-quality materials & components. The guitars in these packs will have just been assembled at the factory and then boxed – in some cases you will have to bring your guitar into a specialist guitar repair shop (Freya Guitars is one of these shops) to have it adjusted properly before you can play it. The difference between a properly set-up guitar and a poorly set-up one is astounding – you will be amazed at the playability difference & “feel”!

Remember – every Freya guitar has been properly set up for easy playing before you receive it. We believe this is what sets Freya Guitars apart from others.

As we say: “You can Play your Freya right Awaya”.


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