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Electric Guitars for beginners and Acoustic Guitars for beginners.

A few words from Robert our guitar guru!
Starter Packs are a great entry point for customers, but how do dedicated musical instrument retailers view pre-packed guitar starter packs?
“They might not be every dealer’s cup of tea, but for many, the humble guitar starter pack is something of a secret weapon in the ongoing battle to draw first-time buyers away from the web and onto the high street.
By making a lasting impression on students and entry-level players, vendors can at the very least give themselves a fighting chance of fending of the Amazons, Thomanns and Tescos of the world by introducing said buyers to an excellent retail experience and a superior level of customer service. If you can impress early on then you could find yourself with a customer for life. And if, in turn, they tell their friends and family, all the better.
Of course, there are some that believe starter packs set beginners off on the wrong foot, and would much rather turn their attention toward something a little more pricey but of higher production quality. After all, if the product feels cheap, it could reflect badly on the seller.
Then there are those that like to mix and match their own packages, bringing together combinations of different brands and products to offer consumers a bespoke service that specifically fits their needs and works to their budget”

Food for thought indeed……..
Here at Freya Guitars, when we put a Beginner Guitar Pack together for a customer, you will get the same good-quality guitar as shown on our website at freyaguitars.ie, our eBay Shop or Adverts.ie website. You will receive your guitar properly set up (tuned and ready to play), fresh Ernie Ball strings, good-quality well-padded gigbag, good brand-name tuner and decent amplifier. Oh yes, you will usually have a choice of colours too. We can accommodate individual requests, and mix and match components as needed. On top of that, it includes shipping to your door, and you also have email and phone support if you need to contact us. And remember, anytime your Freya guitar needs a setup all you have to do is bring (or send) it in to us and we will do it free of charge for you (all you’ll have to pay for is strings). So, why buy anywhere else…….?

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