New Electric Guitars & Acoustic Guitars from Freya Guitars!!

We sell guitars online in Ireland, UK and the rest of the World. You can also pop by our Cabin Store, just call Robert at 00353-87-6805214. Email

Get ready for some exciting new guitars from Freya. We are introducing the new solid-spruce-top Freya acoustic, a new and very exciting bass TL-E line, and we have our best-selling FB-1 back in stock. All our electric guitars now feature new pickups designed by Robert Quinlan, for an even better sound than ever before (if such a thing can be imagined!). Both our new electro-acoustics, or semi-acoustics as some people prefer to call them, also feature built-in pickups, preamp and an onboard tuner. And as always, every Freya guitar gets a full setup and has a fresh set of either Martin or Ernie Ball strings before we ship it to you.



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