We often get asked where the name “Freya Guitars” came from………

We are often asked “why did you call yourselves “Freya Guitars“?

Here’s the story………


Back when Freya Guitars were starting out, around 2008 or so, not only did we (Anne & myself) have to go through all the steps of registering a business, designing our instruments, getting production up & running, and a whole plethora of other things, but we also needed to find a name……….


Heads were scratched, books looked at, the internet searched, wine drank, suggestions examined and discarded, and there was a Eureka! moment when Anne announced that she had it – “Freya” was to be the name, and so Freya Guitars was christened. Didn’t hurt that it somewhat resembled “F*n*e* (that fine well-known company from California) from across the room, especially in a similar font!


Now, who is the mysterious Freya, you may ask…….

Apart from being a Norse goddess, Freya is Robert’s grand-daughter, whose picture you see here. Freya is now a fine young lady, but at the time of us “borrowing” her name she was less than 2 years old.

Guitars bearing Freya’s name are now distributed all over the world, thousands of them over the years, so we think it’s only right that she gets some of the credit for our success!!!

What a smile, eh?


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