Taking care of your guitar…..not seeing it gently weeping in the corner…

This is a Setup & Advice sheet we enclose with every guitar, it tells you how to keep your guitar happy and in top playing condition. Remember, if you are lucky enough to own a Freya guitar, you can bring it in to us anytime for a free setup. All you’ll pay for are strings and any out of warranty repairs (& we promise to go easy on your pocket if anything is needed). Applies to ALL guitars, not just Freya guitars.

Unless you have requested otherwise, your new Freya electric guitar will be supplied with Ernie Ball Super Slinky 9-42 strings fitted, or in the case of a Freya acoustic, Martin 11-52 80/20 Bronze, Freya basses will generally have a 45-105 or 45-130 set fitted. If you later change to a different brand or gauge of strings you may need to have your guitar adjusted and set up to suit.
When changing strings, please change only one string at a time without loosening the others. This will help your guitar stay in tune by maintaining normal tension.
If you have a guitar with a floating-bridge (Floyd Rose style), never loosen all the strings at the same time. If you change gauges or brands of strings we recommend you have a qualified professional perform this task for you as it is normal for the balance between the strings and tremolo springs to need adjustment and a guitar set up performed to suit the new gauge/type of strings.There are many excellent online guides on how to maintain this system, but it requires familiarity with the Floyd Rose system and an understanding of guitar setup procedures and tools to adjust it properly. Again, if in doubt, do not try to adjust it yourself – bring it to a pro.
Every Freya guitar gets a complete setup and is fully tested before we dispatch it. This includes a fresh set of strings, a fret-polish, pickup height, action and intonation adjustments, as well as a sound and playability check. We then ship your guitar to you tuned fully to pitch, so that you can just check the tuning and start playing right away.
Occasionally, usually due to conditions of shipping or the level of relative humidity in which you live, you might need to adjust your guitar a little after you receive it. This is normal, and is a result of the wood in your guitar either absorbing moisture from the air (if you live in a damp climate) or drying out (if you live in a drier climate), causing the wood either to expand or contract and affect the setup.
If in doubt, have any work done by a qualified professional, or return your guitar to us here at Freya Guitars and we will do this at no charge to you for as long as you – the original owner – owns the instrument (you will only have to pay shipping and the cost of things like strings – if it needs anything else we will contact you before proceeding with repairs).
We recommend you have your guitar’s setup checked every six months in any case.
Other tips:
Never leave your guitar near a radiator or heater.
Never leave your guitar where the sun can shine on it for long periods (especially in summer).
Never leave your guitar in your car for long periods, overnight, or in the boot (again, especially in summer).
Change your strings often – most manufacturers suggest 10 hours playing time maximum.
Wipe your strings down after playing. This helps them last longer (don’t forget underneath).
Remember – never leave your guitar somewhere you would not be comfortable yourself.
We care about our customers and are always here to answer any questions you may have or to give advice.

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